Pending Pandemic

2020, the 20’s, a new decade and pandemonium has struck. 


The last few weeks have been insane for everyone in the world, everything is up in the air, people’s lives and jobs have been compromised. Literally everything has changed. I came back from a 3 week long trip to India last week, and I got back to the UK right before we went into lockdown. It was really scary for a second because of everything that was going on, I was worried I wasn’t going to be allowed back home, or the flights would be cancelled but luckily after 24 hours of travelling and waiting I made it home. I’ve never been so happy to be at home, and it was fun for the first few days. I binged about 5 TV shows, cooked, read, did some yoga and got over my jet lag. Now a week into isolation I finally ran out of things to do so I’m starting this blog (which has been something I’ve tried to start a few times but never got to it). 

This blog is just about a few thoughts I’ve had regarding the pandemic, I don’t know whether you could call it a conspiracy theory or maybe I’m just losing the plot but here goes nothing. First let’s talk about some facts about our world.

  • In the past few years, the political landscape of the world has changed dramatically with politicians at each other’s throats, Trump becoming President, UK leaving the European Union, Boris becoming PM and Harry and Meghan leaving the royal family (something less important but still worth a mention). Also probably other stuff that I have no knowledge about. 
  • We’ve been damaging the climate for a long time but only recently some of us have made changes in our lifestyle, because we’ve been warned that we are heading towards the point  of no return. The use of plastic, deforestation, pollution and a million other things have affected the animals, the oceans and overall our environment, and yet so many of us still refuse  to change. 
  • Social media has also been on the rise since the start of the century and nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone and a social platform (including me lol). We can’t even go a day without using either of them, even though it can become repetitive and honestly sometimes I feel like I lose brain cells because of the endless scrolling, likes and comments that I am exposed to everyday and yet I carry on just because. 
  • There’s been an uproar of racism, homophobia, islamophobia, xenophobia, antisemitism  and I can probably go on and on but you get the gist. Obviously all these things have been around forever but I just feel like recently it has been on the rise and I’m sure all of you (just like me) find it pathetic, that it’s the bloody 21st century and people still have time to spread hate.

Before all the chaos

Now to get back to my main objective; all these things have been happening simultaneously since the start of the 21st century, we’ve all been stirring and adding to this hot bubbling pot of ‘things humans do wrong’ and it’s been boiling for a long time…the worlds just had enough of our bullshit, it’s gone into overload and this pandemic was a long time coming.

For the first time in a very long time, the whole world is working together. Last time something affected the whole damn world was in the early 20th Century. Both world wars, took away people’s freedom, killed innocent people, killed the economy and created so much hate (that is still around). It had to take two wars for us stupid humans to figure out that we can’t go on like that. Even though it’s come close to happening again (not surprising), we’ve somehow dodged it. Honestly I don’t think any country could ever financially and emotionally recover from another war. Now we have this silent killer that is doing the exact same thing.

COVID19 is taking away our freedom, killing innocent people, killing our incomes and overwhelming our healthcare system. The whole world has turned upside down and , for those who are working at home or are in isolation (like me) reading articles and watching the news has become part of the new routine because that’s the only way I can make sense of all the chaos, even though it scares me more. Especially grasping the fact that this may potentially go on for another 6 months is a terrifying thought. I am extremely grateful to live in a country that offers free healthcare and the luxury of working from home.  Weirdly all of this reminds me of Noah’s Ark, (if you don’t know the story you can google it). For so long we’ve indulged in materialistic issues and objects, people fighting over power and money, caring about our online presence rather than what sort of person you are. Essentially we’ve lost sight of what really matters. 

Mother nature, God, the Earth, Fate, or Coincidence, whatever you want to call it, I can’t help but feel that our world has been hit by this pandemic so the Earth can detox and we can take a step back, open our eyes to finally value the important things. We’re always moving fast because we’re so afraid to get left behind. Taking time out of the world has been deeply refreshing despite the circumstances, it’s really nice to finally have a few moments alone and look at life from a different perspective. It’s as if we needed to be stripped of our freedom and stability to realise nothing is important except for our loved ones and our lives. 

I know for a first blog it’s a little bit out there but I’ve spent a lot of time alone and my mind was bound to wander away into oblivion (haha). If you did make it to the end THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Stay safe and stay at home x

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